Saturday, June 14, 2014

Loot Crate Review: May

The theme for this month Loot Crate  was Adventure. I feel this box was better han last month. This month had a tee shirt which was a nice addition.

The Loot Crate button, Friend Zone Soundtrack and key chain bottle opener: 5?
This box also included two sticker sheets and a tattoo sheet – all designs made exclusively for the box. Value unknown. I was not to keen about the stickers. 

MineCraft Hangers - Value $5-8 depending on where they are bought. They are currently being sold in my area at the % and below.
We also got an Adventure Time Tin and figurine . This was our less favorite item.As none of use watch the show.  These tins are an new item form Funko. We did not even open ours. Adventure Time Tin Mystery Pack – Value $7

The favorite item was the tee shirt. Too bad there is only one. I  stole this one away. I love this shirt. It is very soft and has great colors.
Over all this box has about 38 to 40 dollars worth of items.  The tee shirt made the box for us, yet it still felt odd have so many exclusives items. This makes it hard to price the box. There was also no mini- mag listing everything. We were emailed one. That is nice so you can no lose the item, but it is not there with you when you unpack. To fix this problem Loot Crate will be doing one sent with the box and the other sent in your email.

Have a berry orange day,

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