Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ginger Detox Bath soak.

So as we are getting in the cooler, well cold weather people in my house get sick. So I was flicking around the internet and saw a lot of wonderful bath soaks. Bath are great for the body, as they relax the muscles and open up the lungs. This soak is to help boost the immune system and pull out toxins.

This soak call for a quite a bit of ginger  so stock out for cold weather season.

 So I just measured out everything in to a cup measure.

Then to mix I poured everything in to a jar with a lid and shook. It was a little faster and I did not have to worry about the powder getting everywhere.

Now to use this, mix with apple cider vinger soak. If you have Brigg's apple cider vinger with the "mother" in it, that is the best to use. If not know worry, just added a cup of apple cider vinger  and the dry mixture to your water and relax. Now this soak will dehydrate you. So plenty of water, before, during and after. You more then likely will be tired so rest or sleep afterwards and feel better in the morning. 

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