Monday, April 21, 2014

A cup of tea

It is late. The day is done and tomorrow we do it all again. Life, feels like it s dragging on, and dragging us with it. Our hearts feel heavy and burned. But we can open them up. Open them up to care. To care and to let go. Something’s can not be changed. They are as, they are. Be accepting and tolerant. Be strong and kind. Kindness is strength. You need to know yourself. To know your own person and what can allow, while still being accepting of others. This dose not mean, you allow for other to hurt you or abuse you or use you. Deception happens. It happens when we trust. When we open ourselves up to others. But understand, life can be very lonely, take a chance and learn. The people that are meant to be in your life will come to you and never leave. We chose to care. Caring is wondering. Ego can sometimes times get in the way of caring. Let go of ego. Care for others. Fix problems. Let things get better. Life goes on. It dose not stand still. Move, let go. Enjoy it all. BREATH. Care about those who care form you. The others who take up space in your mind. Who live in your head and heart rent free. The ones that poison you, with every breath you take. Evict them. Evict them for head and your heart. Evict those who despise you. Who hurt you! Give them their notice and let your loved ones in.  The ones who love you. The people who matter. 

Love them. Love them and fill your soul with love. Until it is brimming over. Until it shins from your fingertips. 
Love, Love, Love! Love yourself. Fill everyday. Every moment that you can with incandescent Love

Have a berry orange day,

Sú talún

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