Monday, April 28, 2014

Review : Baker street nail polish


So in my March Glossy Box (still waiting on April') I was given a lovely blue nail polish. I have not tried nail polish for Nails inc before so this was a nice surprise. I have a few blue nail polish, but most of them have a sparkle to them.

Nails inc, is based out of London, England. The company stays on top of the latest trend sand colors. Offering everyone something to wear.  There are colors ranging from taupe to cobalt blue.

This small bottle has 4 ml or 0.13 Fl oz in it, which is the deluxe sample size. Per bottle is 9.50 USD, that is no a bad price  The  applicator is a little tiny so my fingertips did get int the way when applying the polish.  I was able to make it work.
This color is very saturated. Once applied it took a bit of time to dry. the company did not make any claims to the polish being quick drying. Two coats of this polish was more than enough to get a nice rich color.

As for drying time, it longer than many of my other polishes to dry between coats. To help with this process I might have to buy a small nail lamp.

In general it has a lovely color and nice saturation. The down size is the drying time and it can stay tacky for a good 20 minutes. It is a little pricey compared to other brands such as OPI.  It still like the color and love the name of the polish. I am not sure if I will but it myself, but I will give it another try.

Lovely Color
Good Coverage

Little hard to apply

Have a berry orange day,

Sú talún

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