Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shakespeare's Birthday (black and white)

Today was a good day. I used yesterday's outfit as a springboard for today's. Same basic pieces but a blank and whit printed top. Also chainmail pearl necklace. Today is Shakespeare's Birthday . Happy Birthday to the Bard on the Avon. It is also World Book Night. this year I was able to participate as a giver. So, that means i had out twenty books to strangers.People who viewed themselves as non-readers or light readers. After, picking up my books at the local library I took them out in to the world. I was giving out Code Name Verity. 

This is a wonderful book. The books are special in that they are printed with new covers just for this one night. These books are not to bought or sold only to be given. It is great. Today I was able to twenty random acts of kindness. I even had a couple people said I made there day, which in turn made mine. 

Have a berry orange day,

Sú talún

Pants JC Penny, Top and Sweater New York and Company 

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