Saturday, April 19, 2014

Loot Crate

During a very busy day a wonderful package arrived in the mail. Our first Loot Crate. It is a monthly service like Glossy Box or other monthly box subscriptions. This one is tailored more to the geeks and gamers.

It was dragons this month. Above are a few of the cool things we received. The guys really enjoyed it. I was hoping to hide it until Easter, but they got to the door before me. Ah well. Almost. I am just pleased that they enjoyed it so much. I am wondering what next month will bring. As for myself after looking at the past crates I was a little disappointed. Loot Crate is starting to have many different items made of them, so I am not sure about the cost of each item. There were two exclusive pieces so that was nice, but it did not have the variety that I was expecting to receive in the box. The nord form the new Elder Scrolls Online was nice, we also received John Snow.

Have a berry orange day,

Sú talún

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