Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Green and velvet: Dark Mori

So I do not like taking picture of myself, but the outfit sometime look better on a person then lying on the floor. So I decided to give it try. This is another Mori outfit. It seems like I will be going dark Mori for a while as it it is fall and will soon be winter. I have also been feeling a bit blah ....and there is a lovely new strain of the flu going around. Not shown are a pair of boots that added to this outfit. They are brown cowboy boots. The second layer dose not show up that well in this photo.

There it is without the cream lace sweater. It is a lovely olive green jumper. 

Have a berry orange day,

SĂș talĂșn

Dress: Forever 21 (here, here and here)  Olive sweater: JCPennys Lace tights: Target  Lace sweater: Deb

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