Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lavender sachets

It is that time of year. The change is seasons, marks a change in clothes. We invest quite a bit of time and money and emotion in to our clothes. To keep the looking nice and smelling nice I have a few suggestions.

First wash them before packing them up. At this point you could add a bit of lavender in to the wash to impart a lovely scent.

Second check them over, is there a spot or stain, a rip or a tear. Mend them if you can or ask a friend who is skilled with a needle to mend them for you.

Third pick a good box for your clothes. Store them out of harsh light and in something air tight if you can. The box or container should be clean and dry.

Sort and fold your clothes. When packing, place the heaviest items on the bottom and the lightest on the top. If the fabric is delicate separate with tissue paper.

I have a small project for those who wish to add a little scent to the box.  You will need

DMC Floss

So mine are going to heart shaped because I like the shape. So I traced out the heart on to an 8 by 8 piece of felt. I used a leftover piece form another project.  I cut it out.

Then I sewed it closed with the floss. Just a simple running stitch will be fine. You could add a decorative stitch such as a blanket stitch afterwards, but that is up to you.

I left a small opening  at the top. then I filled it with the sweet smelling lavender. Then closed it up. There is is done. I have a few of these to put in my boxes and maybe even my dresser drawers.

Have a berry orange day,

SĂș talĂșn

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