Friday, May 16, 2014

Jun Kaneko Exhibit

I went to the Jun Kaneko Exhibit at the Kennedy Center, it was different.  He is a renowned Japanese American artist and painter.  His work was used for the sets and costumes  in this spring's production of The Magic Flute.  I was unable to see the play, but my mother who accompanied me on this visit, had seen the play. The costumes to many reviewers were consider over powering. My mother and I found them fun and lively, they remind us of quilts. The customs and the set added a sense of whimsy, humor and mysticism to the play.  The ceramic sculptures that we were able to view are form the artist series of HEADS, Dangos ( meaning "round form" or dumpling, in Japanese), and Tanuki. Tanuki are mischievous shape-shifters that are in the from of raccoon dogs. The exhibit is free to the public. For more of his work click here.
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